Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Everything you need to know about Yummy Diet.


  • Can Yummy Diet meals be frozen?

    Yes, for most food items in the menu. It is recommended to refrigerate food as soon as it is delivered to the client. Freezing food is even better to prevent spoilage but it will take more time to reheat the food. Salads, on the other hand, are not recommended to be frozen. It should be refrigerated but never frozen.

  • How should I reheat meals?

    Meals (either refrigerated or frozen) should be heated using a microwave oven. Please take note that frozen meals will take longer time for reheating. Salads and other raw food items should be handled with extra care as they should not be put in the microwave oven. Client can transfer the salad to a different container before reheating the rest of items in the meal.

  • How many days will the food last?

    Food is recommended to be consumed within 24 hours of delivery. It is assumed that food delivered is to be eaten not later than the next day.

  • Can Yummy Diet meals be modified according to my personal needs?

    We accept minor modifications to accommodate client's food allergy/sensitivity, personal restrictions, food aversions, and some food taboos. Some modifications will incur additional costs for special handling of your meal. Special handling cost will vary depending on the number of items restricted/modified, type of restriction, and subscribed diet program. Please click here for the pricing details. If you have specific food restriction/s and unsure if it can be accommodated or not, please reach out and contact us here.


  • Are the programs by Yummy Diet crash diets?

    All programs by Yummy Diet are not considered as crash diets. An in-house Nutritionist is available for consultations regarding recommendations for appropriate calorie intake. This is to ensure that the client gets what the body needs for the day without sacrificing health and wellness.

  • How strict are the programs/meal plans?

    The programs are not strict in a way that we deliver only 5 days a week. The remaining 2 days gives the client the prerogative to choose their own food. However, if client consumes extra food during weekdays other than that which was delivered, it might delay weight loss or counter effectivity of the diet.

  • How many calories are available for Yummy Diet programs?

    There are four programs which a client can subscribe: Low Cal, Supreme, KETO, and DASH diet. All programs are available as Lite (1200-1500 calories), Active (1500-1800 calories) and Intense (1800-2000 calories).

  • Is it advised to engage in exercise/work-out while subscribed to a Yummy Diet program?

    For female clients who are working out, we recommend not lower than 1500 calories. For male clients who are working out, we recommend not lower than 1800 calories. Additional calories are needed to help recover from intense workouts. It is advisable that you consult our In-House Nutritionist to assist you on choosing the right calorie and diet program for better results.

  • How soon will the results show?

    Weight loss varies from person to person mainly based on metabolism, age, gender, physical activity and current weight. The usual weight loss is 1-2 lbs a week, however that is only the usual value. Weight loss is greater if accompanied with exercise. For significant results, minimum of four weeks subscription is recommended.

  • Why are Yummy Diet meals not gluten-free?

    Gluten-free diet is beneficial only for individuals who have Celiac Disease and gluten sensitivity. Whole grains, which contain gluten, are good source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Gluten-free products are usually refined grains and processed products, which are actually low in nutrients and can promote weight gain and fat storage.


  • When will the food be delivered?

    There are two delivery setups (schedules) available for all Yummy Diet programs. For day before delivery, food should be expected from 3 pm to 9 pm. For day itself delivery, 4 am - 9 am. Some covered delivery areas are only available for day before delivery. You can check our delivery areas and delivery schedules below .
    We cannot guarantee a specific delivery time because of changes in delivery routes almost on a daily basis. However, you can check arrival of deliveries on the day by reaching out to us here.

  • What are the locations covered by your delivery services?

  • In case of occurrence of calamities or natural disasters, should I expect my food to be delivered or not?

    We cancel operations in the occurrence of such events and disasters. However, you can ask for meal credit or refund. You can contact our customer service so that we can process your request for either meal credit or refund.
    Also, you will be notified if in case we are not able to deliver your meals in the event of calamities.


  • How can I place an order?

    You can reach us here. You can place your order via SMS, Viber, Facebook, Instagram, and email. A set of information will be asked from you before your order is processed. We can assure you that personal/private information gathered will only be used for the purpose of meal delivery transactions. All information given by our clients are considered confidential. A message will be sent back to you so you can check correctness of information. After your confirmation, another message will be sent to you as order confirmation and that it is already processed in our system. It is important that you reply to the confirmation message to consider your transaction final and valid.


  • How can I send my payment?

    You can send payment after receiving order confirmation notification from our staff. You will receive another message with payment details (e.g. account name, account number, amount of payment, email address, etc.) depending on which one of our three types of payment options is most convenient for you.

  • Thru over-the-counter (OTC) banking

    You can choose to deposit your payment to our BPI or BDO accounts. Please make sure that you write all necessary information on the deposit slip correctly before OTC transaction.
    As proof of payment, we strictly require clients to send a photo of deposit slip to our email, Viber, or Facebook Messenger. Without existing proof, your payment might be considered invalid.

  • Thru online banking and fund transfers

    If you have an online banking account, you can easily send payment to our BPI and BDO accounts, as well. Please make sure that you input all necessary information correctly before proceeding to transaction. Also, please put in the Remarks “Payment: [Full Name of Client] [Diet Program] Week of [Dates of week subscription] for [Name of recipient, if in case food is intended for different person]. You can see sample below: *****put sample online funds transfer page here As proof of payment, we strictly require clients to send a screenshot of online transaction page to our email, Viber, or Facebook Messenger.

  • Thru PayPal

  • Some additional payment-related concerns

    We strongly discourage COD payments via check/cash payments upon delivery for your safety and security. We reserve the right to amend or refuse the sale, if the payment received is not correct and not based on current prices. Please take note that we have different email addresses, Facebook pages, and Viber accounts for different diet programs. It is encouraged that you communicate with us regarding payment and billing concerns depending on the diet program you are currently subscribing. Please kindly notify us once you have sent your proof of payment for faster transaction.

  • Do you issue official receipts?

    We can issue an official receipt upon client request which will be sent to you along with your food delivery. Please kindly advise us at least a day before your first delivery day, so we can prepare it accordingly. It is better to inform us of this request upon processing of your order to give our Accounting Department ample time for verification and processing of your receipt.

  • What are your policies regarding refunds?


We exist to Innovate and Produce healthy food - Real food.
Create awareness one community a at time.

Established 2013


We exist to Innovate and Produce healthy food - Real food.
Create awareness one community a at time.

Established 2013